January 11th, 2009


Hatching Round 1--CLOSED

Surprise! Since there are already enough candidates to hatch it, and the sooner we get to the Threadfighting, the better, the clutch is hatching early. Unfortunately, since there was one more candidate than there were eggs, someone went unImpressed. But there's another Clutching Round starting as soon as I finish this, so, there'll be more dragons on the way! (And remember, these dragons won't 'officially' be adults until the next clutch hatches.)

Oketh and Steydroth's Clutch 1

The dragons begin to hum as the first eggs rock. The first to hatch is a hasty blue hatchling. He stumbles around...bumps into Carian, and Impression is made!

A restlessly twitching blue hatched next, and he looks over the candidates...Doigan Impresses him!

This green must be kind of weird, because she bypasses all the female candidates and goes straight to Shoyan!

The next egg hatches a lazy green dragonet. She wanders around, but finally stops and Impresses to Sabenn!

A blue dragon looks about shyly. He seems frightened at first, and he goes to Liorien for comfort!

Next is another blue hatchling, who wastes little time and walks determinedly towards Taicer!

A hasty brown hatchling hurries over to Kalgerrilshan and quickly Impresses!

This sensitive green steps daintily toward the candidates, finally deciding on Kenga!

The humming increases as the gold egg begins to hatch! the candidates look on anxiously as the queen hatchling steps complacently out of her shell. After a great deal of deliberation over the female candidates, she is finally Impressed by Mauo!

And right after that, a bronze dragon attracts the attention of the males. He's nosy, getting up into all the candidates' faces, but he goes back to Hlothver, and croons as Impression is made!

The brown hatchling stirs restlessly and makes his way to the candidates. His tail continues to twitch right up until Duilipame Impresses him!

This blue hatchling wastes no time in Impressing, and looks trustingly up at Liian!

This green dragonet tosses her head rebelliously, but settles in front of Alrian, and she is Impressed!

The dragons come with a one-word personality trait, but their names are up to you. If you'd like to host your dragonriders on your own site, I have a larger, transparent version of these images you can use, but these will be kept on a special post in the community. Enjoy!

Keilin Alyr's Sh'oya--Green, Weird
Lilu's Sabenn--Green, Lazy
Shard's Kenga--Green, Sensitive
Maerwynn's Alrian--Green, Rebellious

Kendarath's C'ian--Blue, Hasty
Kendarath's D'gan--Blue, Restless
Maerwynn's L'ien--Blue, Shy
Keilin Alyr's T'air--Blue, Determined
Cy's L'ian--Blue, Trusting

Lilu's Kalg'an--Brown, Hasty
Dray's D'pame--Brown, Restless

Shard's Hl'ver--Bronze, Nosy

Cy's Mauo--Gold, Complacent


Rider's List--Cy

A comprehensive list of all the riders and dragons (and their possessions) of Whiterock Weyr, separated by owner.

Cy--167 points
Wing List

Clutch 1: Mauo and Gold Ryninth

Clutch 6: F'sire and Bronze Fiventhath
Clutch 11: Ll'tald and Bronze

Clutch 2: U'myc and Brown Pesilath
Clutch 5: Th'gis and Brown Thrikath

Clutch 1: Li'an and Blue Lath
Clutch 3: R'yac and Blue Rivianth *deceased*
Clutch 6: K'rian and Blue Khalzoith
Clutch 7: G'sline and Blue Gjinolath *deceased*
Clutch 8: O'dar and Blue Oslioyth
Clutch 9: Ch'din and Blue
Clutch 10: Y'nis and Blue
Clutch 12: U'kus and Blue
Clutch 13: Es'pan and Blue

Clutch 2: Nalasia and Green Nanianth
Clutch 3: Kininge and Green Kicoth
Clutch 4: Lyestai and Green Lafemiath *deceased*
Clutch 7: Oshiurua and Green Oireviath
Clutch 8: G'hu and Green
Clutch 11: A'tanqua and Green Awiath
Clutch 12: Enthale and Green
Clutch 13: Visijia and Green


Rider's list--Dray

A comprehensive list of all the riders and dragons (and their possessions) of Whiterock Weyr, separated by owner.

Dray--31 points

Clutch 3: Noe and Gold Varahath

Clutch 4: E'ra and Bronze Pauth; Holding: Firestone

Clutch 1: D'pame and Brown Sissoroth

Clutch 4: F'zan and Blue Wickourth
Clutch 6: Ava and Blue
Clutch 6: I'vry and Blue

Clutch 2: Elione and Green Rarreth
Clutch 2: Tuda and Green Telemareth
Clutch 2: Lyem and Green Ubarith
Clutch 3: Yeni and Green Qualamath; 1 fire lizard (gift), green 
Clutch 5: Cherlette and Green Onith
Clutch 5: J'ack and Green Xarrith


Rider's List--Keilin Alyr

A comprehensive list of all the riders and dragons (and their possessions) of Whiterock Weyr, separated by owner.

Keilin Alyr--91 points

Clutch 2: K'lay and Brown Sersath *deceased*
Clutch 3: N'hem and Brown Aketh
Clutch 8: P'ran and Brown Tristith
Clutch 9: C'ade and Brown

Clutch 1: T'air and Blue Hatimath *deceased*

Clutch 1: Sh'oya and Green Lilshath
Clutch 2: Aleena and Green Mirrith
Clutch 3: Kelga and Green Onnath
Clutch 4: Rien and Green Avayth
Clutch 5: Pucca and Green Brinnith
Clutch 5: Aerin and Green Karuth *deceased*
Clutch 9: Rixie and Green


Rider's List--Kendarath

A comprehensive list of all the riders and dragons (and their possessions) of Whiterock Weyr, separated by owner.

Kendarath-82 points
Iulevihr Wing

Clutch 2: V'zin and Brown Senrith *deceased*
Clutch 3: G'is and Brown Avith *deceased*

Clutch 1: C'ian and Blue Dakyth *deceased*
Clutch 1: D'gan and Blue Fezrith *deceased*
Clutch 2: As'an and Blue Yuroth *deceased*
Clutch 3: J'zyn and Blue Teritith
Clutch 6: A'us and Blue Norruth

Clutch 4: Varis and Green Natoth
Clutch 4: D'in and Green Scerth
Clutch 5: J'an and Green Nemth


Rider's List--Lilu

A comprehensive list of all the riders and dragons (and their possessions) of Whiterock Weyr, separated by owner.

Lilu--101 points

Clutch 2: Rev'li and Bronze Maerth

Clutch 1: Kalg'an and Brown Cuerveth *deceased*; 1 firelizard, blue Kevin  
Clutch 5: Mor's and Brown Alveth
Clutch 7: Ral'n and Brown Viwanth *deceased*

Clutch 2: Alsh'ar and Blue Korvith *deceased*
Clutch 4: H'var and Blue Yllth
Clutch 6: L'vern and Blue Rannanth
Clutch 7: W'lin and Blue Rinth
Clutch 7: D'vere and Blue Conneth

Clutch 1: Sabenn and Green Pillenth *deceased*
Clutch 4: Willa and Green Trianth *deceased*
Clutch 5: Clarisse and Green Batleth
Clutch 6: Yvonna and Green Kilth