January 27th, 2009


Threadfighting Round End


The dragons roar as they take to the skies in Wings to fight.

Ayekanth breaths a long burst of flame...but misses the clump of thread!

Lilshath darts at the thread...and flames it! +1 ...and hits another! +1

Lath goes for a clump of thread...he burns it to ashes! +1

Hatimath attacks a lump of thread...and hits it! +1

Ayekanth flames again...he's hit by the thread! -3 Hp, 12/15 remaining...but he got the thread! +1

Sissoroth flames...the thread hits the edge of his wing! -1 Hp, 9/10 remaining...he missed the thread...

Pillenth goes after the thread...and burns it to ash! +1...and burns another! +1

Lilshath flames...she gets hit! -1 Hp, 7/8 remaining...no thread burnt.

Dakyth lets loose with a burst of flame...he hits it! +1

Fuhnolth breathes fire...she's scored! -1 Hp, 7/8 remaining...she narrowly dodges another, so doesn't get any thread.

Lath flys at the thread...he hits a huge clump and burns it all to ashes! Critical Hit, +3

Pillenth breathes out...she's hit instead! -3 Hp, 5/8 remaining...she missed...

Sissoroth tries again...he gets hit again! -1 Hp, 8/10 remaining...he got the thread! +1 point

Lilshath flames...she gets hit badly! -5 Hp, 2/8 remaining...she returns to the Weyr before she takes anymore damage.

Pillenth tries to hit a clump of thread...She's scored very badly! -7 Hp, 0/8 remaining. Pillenth and Sabenn go between forever...

Fuhnolth darts around...she hits thread! +1 point

Ayekanth flames a clump...he misses it!

Sissoroth tries to flame it...he misses too!

Hatimath goes for the rogue thread...and hits it! +1 point

Dakyth breathes deeply...but he's hit before he can release his flame! -1 Hp, 9/10 remaining...the thread is destroyed by the cold of between, though. +1 point

Dakyth comes out of between and bravely tries again...he hits the thread, clean and neat! +1

Fuhnolth flames...she hits thread! +1 point...wait, she hits two! +1 She's too tired to continue though, and returns to the Weyr.

Fezrith attacks a piece of thread...success! +1

Dakyth is not to be outdone...he destroys a piece too! +1

Cuerveth chases a piece of thread... he hits it! +1

Lath goes after a clump...he successfully destroys it! +1

Sissoroth attacks the thread...he gets hit instead! -3 Hp, 5/10 remaining. But he takes down the thread with him! +1

Ayekanth flys after a clump of thread...he gets lightly scored! -1 Hp, 11/15 remaining. He burns it to ashes anyway. +1

Fezrith flames...he gets injured! -5 Hp, 5/10 remaining. He takes the thread between, where it dies. +1

Sissoroth tries one last time...he hits a large clump of thread! +2 It's time to go back to the Weyr.

Dakyth tries to hit thread...he missed it. He decides he's had enough for the day.

Hatimath goes after it...he get scored! -3 Hp, 7/10 remaining. He got the thread, though! +1

Cuerveth attempts to sear the thread...he hits it! +1

Cuerveth decides to go for another...he gets that one, too! +1

Hatimath attempts to flame...he gets hit! -1 Hp, 6/10 remaining. He hit the thread anyway. +1

Ayekanth breathes out fire...and hits! +1

Hatimath flies after a clump...he gets badly scored! -7 Hp, 0/10. He and T'air disappear between, taking the thread with them +1 ...and don't come back.

Fezrith flames...he hits thread! +1

Cuerveth attacks a clump...he destroys it! +1

Cuerveth goes after one more...he hits its! +1 Time to go home.

Ayekanth attempts to destroy a strand of thread...he missed it!

Fezrith breathes a flame at thread... he hits it! +1

Lath attacks...and succeeds! +1

Encouraged, Lath goes again...he hits it! +1 He returns to the Weyr.

Fezrith strikes again...he's badly hit! -5 Hp, 0/10 remaining. They successfully seared the thread, +1 but D'gan and Fezrith never return...

Ayekanth flames the last piece of thread...and destroys it! +1 That's the end of the Threadfall, and he goes back to the Weyr.

Final Results:

Dakyth: 4 points, 9/10 Hp
Fezrith: 5 points, DEAD

Lilshath: 2 points, 2/8 Hp
Hatimath: 5 points, DEAD

Sissoroth: 4 points, 5/10 Hp

Lath: 7 points, 10/10 Hp

Ayekanth: 4 points, 11/15 Hp
Fuhnolth: 3 points, 7/8 Hp

Pillenth: 2 points, DEAD
Cuerveth: 5 points, 10/10 Hp