February 25th, 2009


Threadfighting Round 3--CLOSED

Surprise Threadfall! All participating dragons must be adults, which means that at the moment, dragons from the first TWO clutches can fight, but the third clutch will actually be adults before the round ends, so you're allowed to sneak them in there. :P

A Threadfall round lasts five (real) days, and the following Item round lasts for two. A Threadfall can start at any time, but there'll usually be around 5-7 days between them, more or less. After the round is announced, characters have four days to announce their intention to fly. On the fifth day the actual Fall itself takes place, and a series of random dice rolls decides how your character does.
Each character begins with a set amount of HP at the beginning of the fall, injuries sustained fighting Thread cause this number to go down. If it reaches zero, the character dies. If they survive, all HP is refilled at the end of the Fall. Each time a dragon successfully destroys a piece of Thread, they win a point. 'Critical hits' can occur for particularly large clumps destroyed, which earn more points than normal. This is, again, randomly determined. Threads which injure or even kill a rider still earn the owner points.

I use an online dice roller (Actually I'm using random.org now) and a chart with hits, misses, and injuries to decide outcomes.
Each color of dragon has different abilities in battle against Thread. (This chart is still a bit experimental, and might change if it becomes too unbalanced).

Golds 10 HP: Only roll three times--no modifiers

Bronzes 15 HP: Roll 7 times--no modifiers

Browns 10 HP: Roll 5 times--for each success, 25 % chance +1 point

Blues 10 HP: Roll 5 times--50% chance of rerolling a miss.

Greens 8 HP: Roll 3 times--for each success, flip a "coin". Extra points are doubled for each “heads”

1. People will die in Threadfall. Deal with it. There's nothing keeping you from getting as many dragons as you want. Enough points will eventually allow you to redeem items belonging to a deceased rider for a fraction of the original price and even allow you to bring a dead rider back to life.
2. Dragons don't /have/ to fight Thread and, therefore, possibly die, but they won't be able to earn any points.
3. All adult dragons can participate in Threadfall. Golds don't get many chances to destroy Thread, but they're less likely to die as a result. The other colors fight Thread directly, earning more points, and have a higher chance of being injured and killed.
4. Weyrlings cannot fight Thread.
5. There's no limit to how many of your dragons can fly in a single Threadfall.
6. Your characters can only die if you have two or more adult dragons.

Wings are now organized into three different levels: Level 1 is the highest, it's easier to score points, but you may take more damage. Level 2 is the mid-level, it's pretty much average. (It's basically the same thing that was used last time.) Level 3 is the lowest, there is less thread, so there'll fewer points and fewer injuries. (Both of which will manifest as a higher number of misses rather than a different number of rolls.) Any rider can fly on any level.

On to the form!

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Dragon Color
Which Wing Level will they fly in? (1 high, 2 middle, 3 low)