March 20th, 2009


Hatching Round 5--CLOSED

Now the dragons from Clutch 4 are adults. There was also an extreme lack of female candidates in this clutch. o_0

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ALSO: Two weyrlings have transferred in from another Weyr. (i.e., I need more riders, but don't like taking dragons from the 'official' clutches when they could go to someone else. ^^;)

S'nix and Blue, Quiet

Verachy and Green, Restless
Can't wait till we get more than three queens and can actually add some randomness to the flights, but that will take awhile. XD

Varahath's Flight

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Rider's List--EK

A comprehensive list of all the riders and dragons (and their possessions) of Whiterock Weyr, separated by owner.

EK--44 points

Clutch 9: Justina and Gold Iliath

Clutch 16: O'thir and Bronze Gloonth

Clutch 7: J'el and Brown Geoth *deceased*
Clutch 10: R'yel and Brown Foenth *deceased*; Holding: Wherhide Straps
Clutch 12: M'tra and Brown Corenath; Wherhide Straps
Clutch 14: M'thros and Brown Sheruth
Clutch 15: Jiang and Brown Tsenth

Clutch 5: L'vus and Blue Shaeth *deceased*
Clutch 6: S'jay and Blue Galeth *deceased*
Clutch 8: G'vin and Blue Azimuth ; Holding: Wherhide Straps
Clutch 8: A'nor and Blue Phalemth *deceased*
Clutch 9: Nasira and Blue Firath; Holding: Wherhide Straps
Clutch 10: Z'fon and Blue Hawth; Holding: Wherhide Straps
Clutch 11: Khe'l and Blue Araath; Holding: Wherhide Straps
Clutch 13: Shyann and Blue Gigath
Clutch 14: M'nar and Blue Kuluvienth
Clutch 15: C'nor and Blue Eleneth
Clutch 17: L'im and Blue Reniroth

Clutch 6: Ridya and Green Eddyth
Clutch 7: Yahriel and Green Lunath
Clutch 8: Cassiel and Green Bosonth
Clutch 11: Arel and Green Magamth
Clutch 12: Lailah and Green Umbreth
Clutch 13: Moonie and Green Trogdoth
Clutch 16: Wren and Green Stritath
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Rider's List--Kayla

A comprehensive list of all the riders and dragons (and their possessions) of Whiterock Weyr, separated by owner.

Kayla--159 points

Clutch 8: I'ko and Bronze Inlefrith; Holding: Wherhide Straps
Clutch 10: L'pang and Bronze Chowfunth
Clutch 12: T'say and Bronze Sameth

Clutch 6: V'thur and Brown Broth; 1 fire lizard, green Naka
Clutch 7: R'yot and Brown Ackooth
Clutch 10: R'ran and Brown Plinth

Clutch 5: Y'yan and Blue Sluskelulth; 1 firelizard, green Streea
Clutch 7: D'yil and Blue Turbanoth *deceased*
Clutch 7: A'tser and Blue Ickirth *deceased*
Clutch 9: B'in and Blue Olplynth
Clutch 11: Nabe and Blue Ehmtunth

Clutch 6: Synkara and Green Eldenthoth
Clutch 6: Erada and Green Queechosth *deceased*
Clutch 8: Nao and Green Juliath
Clutch 8: Kimel and Green Lilith
Clutch 9: Shiz and Green Mirth
Clutch 11: Motoko and Green Ipsath
Clutch 12: Aelae and Green Bath


Mating Round 5--CLOSED

Gold Ryninth is allowing bronze dragons to chase her this round.


1. Only adult dragons can rise and chase, obviously. :)
2. Only one dragon can rise at a time; she cannot mate twice in a row. (Unless there's no other available golds.)
3. Only gold dragons can rise to mate. Bronzes and browns can chase them. Bronzes SHOULD be a lot more likely to catch the queen than browns, but...
4. The owner of the female chooses who catches her dragon, so she has the final say. The owner can also have a say in how many eggs are in the clutch, but has no control over who the hatchlings Impress.
4. Gold-Bronze matings can produce any color, Gold-Brown matings cannot produce queen eggs and have fewer bronzes, but more browns.
5. Golds participate in Threadfall, but are a little less likely to die, since little Thread gets through to them. Greens are assumed to chew firestone and fight Thread directly, which prevents them from mating to clutch.

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