April 3rd, 2009


Hatching Round 6--CLOSED

There's one extra NPC character (the other two are mine), so whoever wants her, first come, first serve. BUT you must have 5 or fewer dragons, including new weyrlings, to give the newer players a chance. :P

Ryninth and Firenth's Clutch 6

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Ryninth's Flight

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Allow browns to chase?:


Rider's List--Dracleia

A comprehensive list of all the riders and dragons (and their possessions) of Whiterock Weyr, separated by owner.

Dracleia--152 points

Clutch 12: X'ri and Bronze Daijarth
Clutch 15: D'lor and Bronze Nyeroth

Clutch 11: R'yn and Brown Rajiyath; 1 fire lizard, bronze Talys 
Clutch 16: L'arif and Brown Raklorouth

Clutch 12: F'hon and Blue Kizoukith
Clutch 13: T'elo and Blue Idaroth
Clutch 14: K'ran and Blue Antoninuth; 1 fire lizard, blue Pius 
Clutch 15: Inaisina and Blue Yzoth
Clutch 17: A'kin and Blue Tsorinth

Clutch 6: Savarah and Green Kikarith
Clutch 10: Lilianna and Green Mailuath
Clutch 11: M'len and Green Atsuth
Clutch 12: Beryesa and Green Jagodath
Clutch 13: Betheni and Green Ashayth
Clutch 13: Aruz and Green Delath
Clutch 14: Rhakuna and Green Peryth
Clutch 15: Z'ran and Green Taiyrth
Clutch 16: Krissa and Green Phaeith
Clutch 16: Apolly and Green Nianyath
Clutch 17: Wahira and Green Inairth
Clutch 17: C'leu and Green Moreyth

Clutching Round 7--CLOSED

New to Pern? Go here.
First time at Whiterock? Get an overview of how it works.

Varahath has just laid a clutch of 19 eggs. There's no gold egg, though. Also, check out the new note in the rules.

Parents: Gold Varahath, ridden by Noe & Bronze Saoth, ridden by H'sache
There are 19 eggs, no queen egg

1. The quiz can help your chances of getting the color you want, but the final result is still a matter of chance. Please don't whine or ask to redo it if you get something other than you wanted.
2. You may send up to two candidates to a single clutch, but there's no limit for your total number of dragons. Please complete a new form for each candidate. (Different Name/Gender/Quiz thing for each candidate. I don't mind if they're both on the same post).
3. There's no limit to the total number of candidates accepted for a clutch, so if it ends up more candidates than eggs, your character may not Impress. Better luck next time.
4. Any candidates who don't Impress would have to be submitted again to the next clutch, but there's no limit to how many times they can stand.
5. In general, girls Impress gold and green, boys Impress blue, brown, and bronze. Male-female and female-male pairings are rare but possible, depending on availability of suitable candidates and the dragons' own quirky personalities. :P Sexuality doesn't enter into it.
6. You are allowed to name your dragons after they impress, but they must end in -th like all all Pernese dragons.
7. Dragons are not considered adults until a full cycle has been completed and the next clutch has hatched.
8. The only information I need for your candidate is name, gender and quiz answers. Dragons come with their color and a personality trait or quirk. You need never develop the characters beyond this, but embellish them however you want. There may be a roleplay area if anyone's interested.
--If you're going to use Shard's Candidate Generator, would you mind expanding on your answer a bit when you have one of the alternate responses? It gets a bit difficult to judge with what basically amounts to a blank answer.

Reply to this post and fill out the following form:

Your Name:
Candidate's Name:
Future Rider Name, if Male:
Fill out the following quiz. Just a simple, 'a', 'b', 'c', is required, but feel free to elaborate if you want.
Assume there's an extra answer, 'Other' if you're not satisfied with the given answers. :)

1. What color do you particularly want to Impress?
a. Gold
b. Bronze
c. Brown
d. Blue
e. Green
f. Doesn't matter, I'll take anything!

2. Any colors you DO NOT want to get?
a. Gold
b. Bronze
c. Brown
d. Blue
e. Green
f. Nope, I'm fine with any of them

3. Extrovert or Introvert?
a. I love to gossip and be around people and show off.
b. Yeah, for the most part, I'm pretty extroverted.
c. I like being part of a crowd, but not the center of attention.
d. Friends are nice, but I like plenty of time to myself as well.
e. Ugh, just go away.

4. Nervous about the Hatching?
a. Are you kidding? I'll be the first one on the sands.
b. I'm getting a little jittery and impatient.
c. I just want to get it over with already.
d. I don't care, I probably won't Impress anyway.
e. Wow, it's almost time for the Hatching already? I barely noticed the time passing by.
f. Those dragons can take as long as they want to hatch, I'll be right against the wall when they do, anyway.
g. Huh? What Hatching?

5. Are you a leader, or a follower?
a. Sorry, I'm uh...allergic to responsibility.
b. I don't think I'd like being in charge. I'd rather just keep my head down and do what I'm told.
c. I could lead if I had to, but I'm more comfortable taking orders than giving them.
d. I'd be a great leader!
e. Get in line, peons! I'm in charge here...What do you mean, I'm not even a dragonrider yet?

6. Someone played a mean-spirited prank on another candidate. What do you do?
a. Snicker quietly to myself, glad that my plan worked perfectly.
b. Feel a little guilty about how they took it, but still congratulate myself on a job well done.
c. Okay, I didn't actually do it, but I still feel a bit guilty for laughing.
d. Laugh my head off and congratulate whoever did it.
e. Roll my eyes and studiously ignore the commotion.
f. Help the victim clean up the mess.
g. Dangit, whoever pranked me is going to get a fist in the face when I find them!
h. I may laugh it off now, but wait until you see my revenge...

7. Some of your friends dare you to go somewhere dangerous. What do you do?
a. I'm totally gonna win that bubbly pie/mark/useless trinket, no problem!
b. Of course not...What? I'm not scared...look, I'll go right in there while you scaredy-cats stay here...oh crap.
c. I'd dare them right back. All or none!
d. Yeah right. I'm not stupid enough to throw myself into danger for some ridiculous contest.
e. But it's like...dark in there and stuff, right? Too scary for me.
f. Trick them into going instead, and then call the Candidate Master.

8. You find someone's stray pet canine. What do you do?
a. Hug it and feed it and love it and call it George!
b. Take care of it until I find its owner.
c. Maybe give it some food and water, but let it find its own way home.
d. Ignore it.
e. Get away from me, you mangy mutt!
f. Kick it.