May 15th, 2009


Item Round 18--CLOSED

Well, here's the thing. The minority-majority said that the prices should stay, but the people who wanted them changed actually outnumbered them, just in different ways. So, as a sort of compromise, I'm going to go with option d (which is actually my favored choice) and lower the price of the last two items. Still, if you think it should be more or less or whatnot, I'm still open to hearing opinions.

Points and Items

Once Threadfall ends and your points have been tallied up, the Item round begins and you can actually buy stuff. Some items give you bonuses in Threadfall, others are pets or tattoes for your dragon. There are even some that will allow you to get back some things lost by dying riders.

1. Any character can benefit from an item bought with points earned by another of your dragons, even if that character is still a weyrling.
2. Points are detracted from your account as soon as they are used. Once a purchase is made, it can not be undone, so choose carefully.
3. Item benefits do not stack; if you buy a more powerful item with the same effect for the same character, the weaker item will be effectively erased.
4. The equipment (reusable items) cannot be traded or removed from the rider once attached, except by using the Forgery Tools. One-use items are not attached to any rider until the Threadfall round starts. Items, including the one-use numbweed, can only be attached to a single character at a time.
5. You can only attach one item from a certain effect group to the same character, but that character can have any number of items of different effect groups attached, unless stated otherwise. (i.e. A rider can only have one type of Fire/Flamestone, switching from one to the other would erase the effects of the former.) Effect groups, for example, are: (Normal or Good) Fire/Flamestone; Safety Equipment (Safety/Wherhide straps); (Normal or Good) Numbweed.
The Cup of Klah and Lucky Charm items can be combined with any or all of the above.
6. When a character dies, any items attached to them are lost with them--but there is a way to get them back...
7. You can only buy items during the items round, which is right after a Threadfall round. A useable item (Namely, Inks and the Forgery Tools), as opposed to something that automatically bestows an effect on the owner, may be used at any time after you buy it.
8. A rider can only have a total of three fire lizards, cats, or dogs, or combination of those. Colors will be determined randomly.
9. When using inks, the colors can cover as much of the skin as you want, but please keep your design requests reasonable, for my sanity's sake (if not that of the artist tattooing said dragon XD). You can feel free to request whatever you want, but I may not be up to doing insanely intricate markings. It never hurts to ask, anyway. :)
10. When requesting colors for felines, canines, and runnerbeasts, keep in mind that they must be realistic, including eye colors. Calicos and Tortoishells must be female.

15p: Cup of Klah: Raises alertness and slightly increases chances of searing and dodging Thread. One use.
15p: Fire Lizard Egg: Will hatch soon after bought.
25p: Kitten: A pet for your rider/weyrling. Color is chosen randomly.
25p: Puppy: A pet for your rider/weyrling. Three breeds--Terrier, Hound, Spitz (Wolfish). Color is chosen randomly.
35p: Feline Breeder: Pay a bit more and you can have the pick of the litter. (Request specific colors and patterns.)
35p: Canine Breeder: Pay a bit more and you can have the pick of the litter. (Request specific colors and patterns).
35p: Numbweed: Automatically heals 3 HP's worth of damage when injured. One use.
35p: Lucky Charm: Raises chance of critical hits. Reusable.
35p: Firestone: Increased chance of successfully searing Thread. Reusable.
35p: Fellis Juice: Increases max HP by 3 points. One use.
50p: Safety Straps: Increases chances of dodging Thread. Reusable.
50p: Flamestone: Good chance to get +1 point for a successful searing. Tastes bad, though. Reusable.
50p: F. Ink: Fire-lizard-sized bottles of ink for tattooing your pets. One color per 50p.
50p: Extra Herdbeast: Boosts your dragon's energy, allowing it to last longer in battle. One extra turn, One use.
75p: Good Numbweed: Automatically heals 5 HP's worth of damage when injured. One use.
75p: Good Firestone: Good chance of successfully searing Thread. Reusable.
75p: Wherhide Straps: Drastically increases chances of dodging Thread. Reusable.
100p: Good Flamestone: Good chance to get +1 point for a successful searing. Still tastes terrible. Reusable.
100p: Ink: White, Black, Blue, Bronze, Brown, Gold, Green, Red, Orange, Purple--Dragon-sized packages of ink for tattooing dragons. One color per 100p.
150p: Rider's Will Forgery Tools: Allows you to buy back items from deceased riders for 50% of the original cost. One use per week (during Clutch, Hatching, and Mating rounds).
350p: Between Rescue: Resurrect a dead rider. Once per character.

Your Name:
Who will receive it (if applicable)?:

For inks--What markings do you want, where, and in what color(s)?


Hatching Round 10--CLOSED

I fail. Forgot to edit some things, and transfer some dragons for myself. (Because, as I've mentioned before, I don't like taking dragons from the clutches without good reason and a shortage of candidates, but I just lost two dragons, so...XD)

Oketh & Steydroth's Clutch 10
Collapse )</div>

Two more riders have transferred in from another Weyr to train with this group in the future.

Kitsuneko's R'len and Blue, Adventurous

Kitsuneko's A'naar and Green, Weird

Gold Flight

Your Name:
Rider's Name:
Dragon's Name:
Your e-mail address or other means of privately contacting you:
Allow browns to chase?:


Rider's List--Neogeen

A comprehensive list of all the riders and dragons (and their possessions) of Whiterock Weyr, separated by owner.

Neogeen--35 points

Clutch 11: T'kir and Brown Frenth

Clutch 11: V'lo and Blue Vanilth
Clutch 12: T'war and Blue Chareth

Clutch 10: Engee and Green Loseth
Clutch 12: Torvesi and Green Calith


Rider's List--Wolfram

A comprehensive list of all the riders and dragons (and their possessions) of Whiterock Weyr, separated by owner.

Wolfram--98 points

Clutch 12: T'shay and Brown Joseth
Clutch 14: O'ran and Brown Maxeth
Clutch 16: K'lan and Brown Elmeth
Clutch 17: A'ren and Brown Stephath
Clutch 17: K'ran and Brown Gruunth

Clutch 11: K'tin and Blue Tototh; 1 fire lizard, green Leaf
Clutch 13: M'tis and Blue Lucheth *deceased*
Clutch 13: D'tan and Blue Rudoth; Holding: Wherhide Straps
Clutch 15: A'laren and Blue Zepeth
Clutch 16: Yeta and Blue Jurath

Clutch 10: Ria and Green Kaketh *deceased*
Clutch 13: Lir and Green Sopheth
Clutch 14: Aila and Green Helenth
Clutch 15: Y'ris and Green Sztareth
Clutch 12: Annalora and Green Sabeth *deceased*
Clutch 16: Ayaki and Green Ludovikth; 1 fire lizard, blue

Clutching Round 11--CLOSED

New to Pern? Go here.
First time at Whiterock? Get an overview of how it works.

Parents: Gold Varahath, ridden by Noe & Bronze Saoth, ridden by H'sache
17 eggs, no gold egg

1. The quiz can help your chances of getting the color you want, but the final result is still a matter of chance. Please don't whine or ask to redo it if you get something other than you wanted.
2. You may send up to two candidates to a single clutch, but there's no limit for your total number of dragons. Please complete a new form for each candidate. (Different Name/Gender/Quiz thing for each candidate. I don't mind if they're both on the same post).
3. There's no limit to the total number of candidates accepted for a clutch, so if it ends up more candidates than eggs, your character may not Impress. Better luck next time.
4. Any candidates who don't Impress would have to be submitted again to the next clutch, but there's no limit to how many times they can stand.
5. In general, girls Impress gold and green, boys Impress blue, brown, and bronze. Male-female and female-male pairings are rare but possible, depending on availability of suitable candidates and the dragons' own quirky personalities. :P Sexuality doesn't enter into it.
6. You are allowed to name your dragons after they impress, but they must end in -th like all all Pernese dragons.
7. Dragons are not considered adults until a full cycle has been completed and the next clutch has hatched.
8. The only information I need for your candidate is name, gender and quiz answers. Dragons come with their color and a personality trait or quirk. You need never develop the characters beyond this, but embellish them however you want. There may be a roleplay area if anyone's interested.
--If you're going to use Shard's Candidate Generator, would you mind expanding on your answer a bit when you have one of the alternate responses? It gets a bit difficult to judge with what basically amounts to a blank answer.

Reply to this post and fill out the following form:

Your Name:
Candidate's Name:
Future Rider Name, if Male:
Fill out the following quiz. Just a simple, 'a', 'b', 'c', is required, but feel free to elaborate if you want.
Assume there's an extra answer, 'Other' if you're not satisfied with the given answers. :)

1. What color do you particularly want to Impress?
a. Gold
b. Bronze
c. Brown
d. Blue
e. Green
f. Doesn't matter, I'll take anything!

2. Any colors you DO NOT want to get?
a. Gold
b. Bronze
c. Brown
d. Blue
e. Green
f. Nope, I'm fine with any of them

3. Extrovert or Introvert?
a. I love to gossip and be around people and show off.
b. Yeah, for the most part, I'm pretty extroverted.
c. I like being part of a crowd, but not the center of attention.
d. Friends are nice, but I like plenty of time to myself as well.
e. Ugh, just go away.

4. Nervous about the Hatching?
a. Are you kidding? I'll be the first one on the sands.
b. I'm getting a little jittery and impatient.
c. I just want to get it over with already.
d. I don't care, I probably won't Impress anyway.
e. Wow, it's almost time for the Hatching already? I barely noticed the time passing by.
f. Those dragons can take as long as they want to hatch, I'll be right against the wall when they do, anyway.
g. Huh? What Hatching?

5. Are you a leader, or a follower?
a. Sorry, I'm uh...allergic to responsibility.
b. I don't think I'd like being in charge. I'd rather just keep my head down and do what I'm told.
c. I could lead if I had to, but I'm more comfortable taking orders than giving them.
d. I'd be a great leader!
e. Get in line, peons! I'm in charge here...What do you mean, I'm not even a dragonrider yet?

6. Someone played a mean-spirited prank on another candidate. What do you do?
a. Snicker quietly to myself, glad that my plan worked perfectly.
b. Feel a little guilty about how they took it, but still congratulate myself on a job well done.
c. Okay, I didn't actually do it, but I still feel a bit guilty for laughing.
d. Laugh my head off and congratulate whoever did it.
e. Roll my eyes and studiously ignore the commotion.
f. Help the victim clean up the mess.
g. Dangit, whoever pranked me is going to get a fist in the face when I find them!
h. I may laugh it off now, but wait until you see my revenge...

7. Some of your friends dare you to go somewhere dangerous. What do you do?
a. I'm totally gonna win that bubbly pie/mark/useless trinket, no problem!
b. Of course not...What? I'm not scared...look, I'll go right in there while you scaredy-cats stay here...oh crap.
c. I'd dare them right back. All or none!
d. Yeah right. I'm not stupid enough to throw myself into danger for some ridiculous contest.
e. But it's like...dark in there and stuff, right? Too scary for me.
f. Trick them into going instead, and then call the Candidate Master.

8. You find someone's stray pet canine. What do you do?
a. Hug it and feed it and love it and call it George!
b. Take care of it until I find its owner.
c. Maybe give it some food and water, but let it find its own way home.
d. Ignore it.
e. Get away from me, you mangy mutt!
f. Kick it.

Weekly Poll--#3

Since there have been some questions about it, this week is a double triple poll! Cause they are somewhat related. A while back, Dray suggested that Whiterock have a full Pass-Interval system, which sounds interesting to me. The main problem with this is that we'd have a full 75 cycles of no threadfall rounds (and fewer clutches)! I would probably be running Spring Games about the same as threadfighting now, though realistically, it would be neither as common nor as dangerous as the threadfall rounds. There's also the possiblity of running horse races and the like in the Interval, but there'll be more on that on another poll. Though I suppose we could cut the Interval time in half, have it as 75 years instead of 150, and 37-38 cycles? In which case, would the cycles cover 4 years, making dragons age twice as fast?

And on that note, now comes the second issue. How long should dragons be allowed to fight in threadfall before they get too old and are "retired"? Should they be retired immediately, or allowed to fly, with a higher chance of dying, until an absolute age is reached where they're forcibly retired? Possibly, ther could be a reward of some kind if a pair actually reaches the point of retirement. From what I remember of canon, it was mentioned that dragonriders lived longer than most, sometimes into their 100s, so it would probably be somewhere between 25-40 cycles (the dragons being 50-80 years old and the riders roughly 15-20 years older). Or you may prefer a simpler, "timeless" game. Okay, so I'll shut up now and get on with the polls.

Poll #1400511 Weekly Poll #3

Should there be a Pass-Interval System?

Yes! The full 50/150 years
Yes, but cut the Interval time in half
Forget the "timeline", let's just have endless threadfall.
I don't care either way.
I have a different idea!

Should dragons be forced to retire from threadfall?

Yes, but only after a period of higher danger
No, never
I don't care.

If so, how many cycles should it take before they retire? (Remember than a cycle=2 years!)

less than 20
more than 40