May 22nd, 2009


Weekly Poll--#4

So, as to the results of the last poll...The Interval yes/no question was completely tied, so...after doing some calculations, it turns out a full Pass would be over a RL year long, with a halved Interval being almost exactly two years. o,o So...yeah, I decided we're not going to be having a Pass-Interval system. It gets to a point where you just gotta say 'screw realism, this takes too long!' :P

The second part, involving retirement, was in favor of retiring after a period of higher danger, by one vote. So in the future (it'll still be way in the future, if the game lasts that long!) dragons will be at a disadvantage in threadfall once they reach their 30th cycle (60 years old) and they'll be forced to retire if they reach 35 cycles. I think, maybe, if a dragon reaches retirement age after having fought in at least 25-or-so threadfalls, they get an award or something, I don't know yet.

So, on to this week's poll! I've actually had the horse image finished for a while, but I wanted to know your opinions about 'em first, before I start putting them up for sale. Should there be horse racing? It'll be an extra source of point income, and it'd have to be a fairly simple set-up (I just don't have time for anything complicated). I also have genetic code generators set up for making horses (and cats and dogs, for that matter), so there could be breeding between owners as well. On the other hand, I know this is supposed to be a dragon game, not a horse game, so who would be interested, and who thinks I should just not bother? Is anyone interested in buying horses at all? Comments are especially appreciated on this poll, if you please.

Poll #1404187 Weekly Poll #4

What do you think about horses?

I'm not interested in horses at all, I'll stick to dragons.
Horses as pets, yeah, but no breeding or races.
Maybe breeding horses (and dogs/cats?) but not racing them.
Races and breeding and everything is good!
Racing, no breeding necessary.


Mating Round 12--CLOSED

Iliath's rising a little early, so here's a mating round! She's allowing bronze and brown chasers this time.


1. Only adult dragons can rise and chase, obviously. :)
2. Only one dragon can rise at a time; she cannot mate twice in a row. (Unless there's no other available golds.)
3. Only gold dragons can rise to mate. Bronzes and browns can chase them. Bronzes SHOULD be a lot more likely to catch the queen than browns, but...
4. The owner of the female chooses who catches her dragon, so she has the final say. The owner can also have a say in how many eggs are in the clutch, but has no control over who the hatchlings Impress.
4. Gold-Bronze matings can produce any color, Gold-Brown matings cannot produce queen eggs and have fewer bronzes, but more browns.
5. Golds participate in Threadfall, but are a little less likely to die, since little Thread gets through to them. Greens are assumed to chew firestone and fight Thread directly, which prevents them from mating to clutch.

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