June 12th, 2009


Rider's List--Jive

A comprehensive list of all the riders and dragons (and their possessions) of Whiterock Weyr, separated by owner.

Jive--7 points

Clutch 13: Ma'us and Bronze Ierath

Clutch 14: O'an and Brown

Clutch 13: Monet and Green Asanth
Clutch 14: Jilsen and Green


Mating Round 14--CLOSED

Sneaking Tiemath in since nobody responded. :) She's allowing bronze and browns to chase her for her maiden flight.


1. Only adult dragons can rise and chase, obviously. :)
2. Only one dragon can rise at a time; she cannot mate twice in a row. (Unless there's no other available golds.)
3. Only gold dragons can rise to mate. Bronzes and browns can chase them. Bronzes SHOULD be a lot more likely to catch the queen than browns, but...
4. The owner of the female chooses who catches her dragon, so she has the final say. The owner can also have a say in how many eggs are in the clutch, but has no control over who the hatchlings Impress.
4. Gold-Bronze matings can produce any color, Gold-Brown matings cannot produce queen eggs and have fewer bronzes, but more browns.
5. Golds participate in Threadfall, but are a little less likely to die, since little Thread gets through to them. Greens are assumed to chew firestone and fight Thread directly, which prevents them from mating to clutch.
6. If you own a queen and become no longer active (and only if you are no longer active in the game), I may "borrow" your queen in order to have clutches, if there's no other queens available for one reason or another. If you really have a problem with this, let me know and I'll work some other way around it.

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Weekly Poll--#7

Well, after this I think I'm fresh out of questions. :P
So, I have actually been planning for a while to include sport dragons eventually. Unless I get a huge backlash of protests, I am going to at least include white dragons. (And yes, they are going to be rare. Rarer than queens, hopefully. ) There are a couple conditions that have to be met before they could even begin to appear (and at best, we're about halfway there), and dud eggs cannot show up from just any clutch. Then, chances are likely it won't hatch, so no worries about the Weyr being overrun by not-actually-very-rare sport dragons.
So, while white dragons are at least canon, should I stick to just that color or include some other solid colors? I was thinking about adding black to the possible colors, and maybe some other solid colors (silver, cream, red, etc.). I don't want to let it get out of hand, though, either; I like keeping this reasonably close to canon, so there won't be any siamese-clouded red-purples or the like. XP (I kinda like Yakima's Silver-Copper-Cream-Black-White analogue to the normal colors, as well. I might ask about using that.)

Poll #1414997 Weekly Poll #7

Which rare colors should be included?

No rares at all, keep it to the canon colors!
Just whites.
Whites and blacks only.
Other solid colors as well.
Other (Specific colors?)
I don't care.