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Threadfall Round End

The dragons roar as they take to the skies in Wings to fight.

Shaeth attacks a piece of thread...but he missed!

Merequith goes after it...he gets it! +1

Shaeth flames...he burns thread! +1

Sluskelulth attacks...successfully! +1

J'el tries to toss some firestone to Y'yan...he succeeds. +1

Merequith breathes in...he's hit! -5 HP, 5/10 remaining...he didn't get any thread.

Uisorth flames it...but it got away from her!

Saoth attacks a strand of hits him! -1 HP, 14/15 remaining...he still burned it up, though! +1

Saoth attacks another clump...he missed it!

Aldryne tosses a sack to H'sache...but her aim was way off!

She circles around to throw it again...Saoth just manages to catch it with his tail while H'sache glares at the weyrling...

Uisorth comes to the rescue...but misses it again!

J'el throws her's an easy catch. +1

Sluskelulth breathes fire...he destroys thread! +1

Uisorth's another miss!

Merequith attacks thread...he's scored! -1 HP, 4/10 remaining...he missed this one, too.

Merequith turns to another piece...missed!

Yahriel tries a toss...but it missed.

Synkara is next...success. +1

Sluskelulth attacks...success! +1

Sluskelulth turns to another...another hit! +1

D'yil throws a sack...but he was way off.

D'yil recovers and tries again...this time he makes it! +1

Pesilath flames...but he's hit! -2 HP, 8/10 remaining...he missed the thread...

Shaeth goes after a clump...thread brushes his side. -1 HP, 9/10 remaining...the thread crackles to dust in between. +1

L'yon tries a toss...but Shoith gets scored! -7 HP, 3/10 remaining.

Saoth flames...success! +1

Merequith attacks a clump...and destroys all of it! Critical Hit, +3 He goes home after that to heal his wounds.

Pesilath burns turns into ash! +1

Yahriel tosses firestone to his rider...but she fudged it again!

Abela tries it...she missed too.

Sluskelulth attacks thread...he burns it up! +1 He's exhausted; that's enough for one day.

Saoth goes to a strand of thread...he hits it! +1

Shaeth breathes in...his flame destroys a huge clump of thread! Critical Hit, +3

Shaeth spins and flames again...the thread got away from him. He's beginning to tire, and goes back to the Weyr to rest.

Saoth breathes fire...another hit! +1

Synkara throws firestone to him...H'sache only just managed to save it.

Pesilath goes after a got away.

Saoth flames...the clump is huge, and it's all gone! Critical Hit, +3

Abela tries to give him firestone...but Nyouth gets hit! -5 HP, 5/10 remaining.

R'yot takes over...he missed!

Saoth goes after one last piece...but he gets tangled in thread! -7 HP, 7/15 remaining...he didn't manage to sear the thread. He goes between, back to the Weyr to treat his wounds.

Thrikath flames...he missed the thread.

Thrikath tries again...another miss!

Lath goes after it...he took care of the thread. +1

L'yon tries to toss firestone...but he missed.

R'yot is next...he manages to toss it successfully. +1

Peralth attacks...a hit! +1

Pesilath flames...he hits thread. +1

Thrikath attacks thread...he's scored. -1 HP, 9/10 least he got the thread! +1

Peralth breathes in...he burns thread! +1

Lath attacks...the thread got away.

Pesilath flies to a clump...he burns it up! +1 That's enough for today.

Thrikath attacks...he got the thread! +2

Lath breathes in...but he gets hit before he can flame! -1 HP, 9/10 remaining...he didn't burn the thread...

Kicoth takes over...the thread's gone! +1

Yareth goes after a large's completely destroyed! Critical Hit, +3

Thrikath breathes fire...success! +1 It's time for him to go home now, though.

Lafemiath sears thread...but missed.

Peralth flies after a piece...he's scored! -1 HP, 9/10 remaining...he takes the thread between, and it dies. +1

Peralth jumps out of between and immediately flames's successfully destroyed! +1

Lafemiath goes after a strand...she missed again.

Yareth flames...he hits thread! +2

Lath tries to burn thread...he's scored again! -1 HP, 8/10 remaining...he missed.

Lath turns and tries again...and does he ever succeed! Critical Hit, +3 After that, however, it's time to go home.

Lafemiath's another miss! Rather frustrated, she goes back to the Weyr.

Peralth flames...he's brushed by thread! -1 HP, 8/10 remaining...but he got rid of the thread when he went between. +1 Rather than going back to the Threadfall, he returns to his weyr to rest.

Nanianth flames...success! +1

Yareth attacks a clump...he's scored. -3 HP, 7/10 remaining...the thread got away.

Yareth goes for another...this time he hits it! +1

Nanianth tries to burn thread...but she missed.

Yareth attacks a huge clump...he burns this one up, too! Critical Hit, +4

Kicoth goes after a clump...but it got away from her!

Nanianth attacks thread...she missed again!

Kicoth breathes fire...another miss! Oh well, she'll let the ground crews take care of it. Time to go home.

Final Results

Shaeth: 5 points, 9/10 HP
J'el: 2 points, 10/10 HP
Yahriel: 0 points, 10/10 HP

Saoth: 7 points, 7/15 HP
Peralth: 5 points, 8/10 HP
Abela: 0 points, 5/10 HP
Aldryne: 0 points, 10/10 HP
L'yon: 0 points, 3/10 HP

Merequith: 4 points, 4/10 HP
Uisorth: 0 points, 8/8 HP

Sluskelulth: 5 points, 10/10 HP
R'yot: 1 point, 10/10 HP
D'yil: 1 point, 10/10 HP
Synkara: 1 point, 10/10 HP

Pesilath: 3 points, 8/10 HP
Thrikath: 4 points, 9/10 HP
Lath: 4 points, 8/10 HP
Kicoth: 1 point, 8/8 HP
Nanianth: 1 point, 8/8 HP
Lafemiath: 0 points, 8/8 HP

Yareth: 10 points, 7/10 HP
Tags: cycle 6, round, threadfall
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