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Threadfall Round End

The dragons roar as they take to the skies in Wings to fight.

Kikarith flames...she missed the thread.

Shoith flies to a piece of it! +1

Aevesith takes to the air...he's hit by thread! -3 HP, 12/15 remaining...the thread got away.

Shoith flames...and destroys thread! +1

Eddyth attacks...she burns a huge clump! Critical Hit, +3

Nyouth flames thread...but she's hurt first! -5 HP, 3/8 remaining...she didn't manage to burn any thread.

Nyouth goes after it again...this time she got it! +1...and sears a second piece as well! +1

Saoth breathes in...his flame burns thread! +1

Ackooth breathes fire...he gets hurt! -7 HP, 3/10 remaining...however, he took care of every bit of thread! Critical Hit, +3

A'naar throws firestone...he makes it. +1

Sluskelulth flames a clump...he hit it! +1

Eddyth breathes fire...she hits thread! +1

Ackooth goes for a clump of thread...he hit it! +2

Shaeth tries to hit a clump...he did it! +1

Eddyth goes for another piece...she got it! +1 time to go home now.

Aevesith attacks...he's hurt! -2 HP, 10/15 remaining...the thread turns to ashes. +1

Aevesith turns to another piece...he got it! +1

Sluskelulth goes for a piece...success! +1

Ackooth attacks...he burns a large clump! +2

Shaeth flames...he's scored! -2 HP, 8/10 remaining...he didn't hit the thread this time.

Nyouth tries to burn thread...she's hit! -1 HP, 2/8 remaining...the thread got away unburnt, but Nyouth returns to the Weyr before she gets killed.

Shoith attacks...he turns it to ash! +1

Saoth goes to a got away!

Shaeth attacks a piece...he nailed it! +1

Ackooth breathes in...his flame burns lots of thread! +2

Ackooth tries for one more piece...but he missed it. He decides to go home after that.

Aevesith flames...he's scored! -2 HP, 8/15 remaining...the thread crackles to dust in between. +1

Shaeth breathes fire...and burns thread! +1

Sluskelulth attacks...he didn't hit any thread!

Sluskelulth tries again...this time he got it! +1

L'pang throws firestone...Chowfunth gets tangled in thread! -7 HP, 3/10 remaining.

He comes back and tries again...he didn't get hit, but he didn't make the toss, either.

Shaeth flames thread...he turns it to ash! +1 He's getting tired, that's enough for one day.

Orachoth breathes fire...he didn't hit anything!

Orachoth tries again...another miss!

A'naar lobs a sack of firestone at G''s caught! +1

Aevesith sears thread...he missed!

Shoith breathes fire...another hit! +1

Imke tries to toss firestone...but Lith is hit! -3 HP, 7/10 remaining.

Peralth flames...he gets hit! -1 HP, 9/10 remaining...he didn't hit the thread...

Saoth attacks...he burns thread! +1

Kikarith attacks a clump...she missed again!

Sluskelulth takes care of it...a direct hit! +1

Peralth goes after a strand...he's brushed by thread! -1 HP, 8/10 remaining...but he got the thread this time! +1

Shoith tries once more...he sears thread! +1 He's quite proud as he returns to his weyr.

Aevesith goes after a piece...he's hit again! -3 HP, 5/15 remaining...the thread got away from him...

Imke tosses a sack...but it missed.

Lunath attacks...she gets hit! -3 HP, 5/8 remaining...the thread got away.

Lunath dives for it again...she missed again!

Z'fon throws firestone...he missed!

Orachoth sears thread...success! +1

Juliath flames thread...she burns it up! +1...and takes the chance to sear another! +1

Peralth attacks thread...he's hit! -3 HP, 5/10 remaining...he didn't kill any thread.

R'len tosses a's an easy toss. +1

Schanth breathes fire...and burns thread! +1...and another! +1

Z'fon tries a was way off.

Aevesith flames...missed! He decides he'd better return to the Weyr and get his injuries looked at.

Kikarith twists and breathes fire...success! +1...and seared a second! +1 But she's tired, and goes home after that.

Orachoth attacks...and burns thread! +2

Juliath breathes fire...she got it! +1

Lunath flames...she hit a large clump of thead! Critical Hit, well as the one in front of it. +1

Saoth dives after a clump of thread...he got it! +1

Schanth goes after thread...but her aim was off!

Schanth tries again...she gets hit! -3 HP, 5/8 remaining...she still got the thread, though. +1 She's too exhausted to continue fighting.

Peralth breathes fire...and burns thread! +2

R'len supplies a sack of firestone...the dragon barely manages to catch it, and R'len grins sheepishly.

Juliath goes for a piece of thread...she gets tangled up in it! -7 HP, 1/8 remaining...she got the thread, +1 but Juliath is taking no more chances--she returns to the Weyr.

Saoth flames..he's hit! -3 HP, 12/15 remaining...he drags the thread between, where it dies. +1

Peralth goes after a piece...he got it! +1 He's getting tired, though, time to go home.

Orachoth flies after a clump of thread...and he got it! +2 He decides it's time to head back to the Weyr.

Saoth goes after a piece...miss!

Saoth tries to sear thread...he's scored! -2 HP, 10/15 remaining...but he took care of the thread. +1 Time to go home now.

Final Results!

Kikarith: 2 points, 8/8 HP

Saoth: 5 points, 10/15 HP
Orachoth: 6 points, 10/10 HP
Shoith: 5 points, 10/10 HP
Peralth: 4 points, 5/10 HP
Aevesith: 3 points, 5/15 HP
Nyouth: 2 points, 2/8 HP
Schanth: 3 points, 5/8 HP
R'len: 1 point, 10/10 HP
A'naar: 1 point, 10/10 HP

Imke: 0 points, 7/10 HP

Sluskelulth: 4 points, 10/10 HP
Juliath: 4 points, 1/8 HP
Ackooth: 9 points, 3/10 HP
L'pang: 0 points, 3/10 HP

Shaeth: 4 points, 8/10 HP
Eddyth: 5 points, 8/8 HP
Lunath: 4 points, 5/8 HP
Z'fon: 0 points, 10/10 HP
Tags: cycle 8, round, threadfall
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