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Rider's List--Houka Ryuu

A comprehensive list of all the riders and dragons (and their possessions) of Whiterock Weyr, separated by owner.

Houka Ryuu--72 points
Solaris Wing

Clutch 2: S'fyr and Bronze Firenth
Clutch 5: D'ali and Bronze Valianth; Holding: Wherhide Straps
Clutch 12: Tr'ain and Bronze Savanth

Clutch 4: Z'rex and Brown Rakuraith *deceased*
Clutch 6: P'lar and Brown Pontuth *deceased*
Clutch 8: J'don and Brown Kuchimameth
Clutch 13: A'tai and Brown Myth

Clutch 2: H'aru and Blue Spireth
Clutch 3: Z'der and Blue Zanth
Clutch 5: A'ran and Blue Mnemenith
Clutch 8: G'shin and Blue Fukachith
Clutch 14: S'yn and Blue Falenth
Clutch 15: Arsul and Blue Zeryth
Clutch 10: S'un and Blue Pyreth *deceased*

Clutch 2: R'gar and Green Lyreth
Clutch 3: Hikari and Green Prydenith
Clutch 6: Vera and Green Myrth
Clutch 7: Pomela and Green Shivath
Clutch 7: Vena and Green Amenyth
Clutch 7: Soph and Green Illumenth
Clutch 8: M'ar and Green Rith
Clutch 9: G'in and Green Prideth
Clutch 9: Aurora and Green Aurath; 1 fire lizard, brown Majestic
Clutch 11: Elena and Green Luminath
Clutch 12: Merla and Green Zenith
Clutch 13: Nyray and Green Helenith
Clutch 14: Rizza and Green Miwath
Clutch 14: Remoha and Green Amerith
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