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Rider's List--Kitsuneko

A comprehensive list of all the riders and dragons (and their possessions) of Whiterock Weyr, separated by owner.

Kitsuneko--19 points
Rider's Will Forgery Tools

Clutch 11: Lache and Gold Tiemath

Clutch 3: H'sache and Bronze Saoth; Holding: Lucky Charm
Clutch 7: S'air and Bronze Aevesith; 1 Canine, male Belos

Clutch 8: G'ha and Brown Orachoth *deceased*
Clutch 6: C'lir and Brown Seth (rescued); 1 Feline, Male Solo
Clutch 15: Kr'lir and Brown Urdath

Clutch 2: T'pol and Blue Peralth *deceased*; Holding: Flamestone; 1 fire lizard, green Satcha
Clutch 5: S'nix and Blue Hochaith *deceased*
Clutch 7: L'yon and Blue Shoith *deceased*; 1 fire lizard, brown Kol
Clutch 10: R'len and Blue Cleignth *deceased*
Clutch 11: M'xir and Blue Chylth
Clutch 12: St'or and Blue Yastuth
Clutch 13: R'reh and Blue Humutoth
Clutch 14: K'ir and Blue Temosyth *deceased*
Clutch 16: C'ren and Blue Ainaoth
Clutch 17: D'kel and Blue Kiachoth

Clutch 2: Rysaca and Green Etuth *deceased*
Clutch 3: Asel and Green Beuth *deceased*
Clutch 5: Verachy and Green Asheth
Clutch 6: Abela and Green Nyouth *deceased*
Clutch 7: Aldryne and Green Schanth *deceased*
Clutch 10: A'naar and Green Hinatsuth
Clutch 13: Sh'naw and Green Oath
Clutch 13: Liqua and Green Llyth
Clutch 14: J'deh and Green Aivorath
Clutch 15: K'nal and Green Queristh
Clutch 15: Atynes and Green Phalreth
Clutch 8: Neita and Green Riseth *deceased*
Clutch 16: Kianal and Green Tantonith
Clutch 17: Kany and Green Auchaurth
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