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Hatching Round 15--CLOSED

Any of the NPCs are up for grabs, and since there's been so little activity lately, you can go ahead and grab two at a time.

Iliath & Aevesith's Clutch 15

A passionate blue dragon is the first to hatch, and he wastes no time in making his way to Ailaren!

The next egg reveals a green dragon, who walks arrogantly up to the candidates and declares Volasa to be her rider!

This blue dragon seems to be very friendly with all of the candidates, but eventually he makes up his mind and chooses to Impress Connor!

The green dragon that hatches next is a little strange, for she bypasses all the female candidates and goes straight to Zharan!

A blue hatchling stares defiantly at the candidates and stalks possessively over to Inaisina!

This sensitive blue dragon shies away from the male candidates to be comforted by Arsul!

Despite being quite large, this bronze hatchling seems very scared of his surroundings, until Devlor rushes over to comfort him. He is rewarded with Impression!

Unusually sensitive to the candidates' emotions, this green dragon hesitates to approach the candidates. Eventually, however, she works up the courage to approach two of the candidates, at first unable to choose, until Atynes steps forward, eager to Impress!

The next to hatch is another green, who stares up at Kimua trustingly!

This brown dragon's choice is unpredictable, when he chooses one of the girls, Jiang!

Another brown hatches, though he just stares coldly at the candidates, until Krelir gets tired of waiting and Impresses him!

A nosy green appears, going back and forth between the last two candidates, until her other sibling threatens to Impress before her, at which point she immediately Impresses Kivesnal!

The last dragon is a green, who snorts derisively at her sister before wrapping her tail protectively around Yaris!

The dragons come with a one-word personality trait, but their names are up to you. If you'd like to host your dragonriders on your own site, I have a larger, transparent version of these images you can use, but these will be kept on a special post in the community. Enjoy!




NPC Volasa and Green, Arrogant
NPC (Dracleia) Z'ran and Green, Strange
NPC Atynes and Green, Sensitive
NPC Kimua and Green, Trusting
Kitsuneko's K'nal and Green, Nosy
Wolfram's Y'ris and Green, Protective

Wolfram's A'laren and Blue, Passionate
EK's C'nor and Blue, Friendly
Dracleia's Inaisina and Blue, Defiant
NPC (Houka Ryuu) Arsul and Blue, Sensitive

EK's Jiang and Brown, Unpredictable
Kitsuneko's Kr'lir and Brown, Cold

Dracleia's D'lor and Bronze, Scared

Gold Flight

Your Name:
Rider's Name:
Dragon's Name:
Your e-mail address or other means of privately contacting you:
Allow browns to chase?:

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