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Threadfall Round End

The dragons roar as they take to the skies in Wings to fight.

Agath leaps into the sky...he's struck by thread! -3 HP, 7/10 remaining...he hit a huge clump of thread, though! Critical Hit, +3

Daijarth breathes fire...he buns up the thread! +1

Mailuath attacks...she's immediately injured! -7 HP, 1/8 remaining...she burned the thread, at least. +1

Azimuth flames...he missed the thread, though!

Atsuth attacks thread...she burns it all up! Critical Hit, +3

Kizoukith breathes in...but he didn't burn any thread!

Kizoukith tries again...this time it's a success! +1

Uisorth attacks thread...she burns it all up! +1...and sears a second strand! +1

S'lin tries to toss fell short!

M'nar takes his place...a good toss! +1

Corenath flames...he hit a clump of thread! +2

Mailuath sears thread...but she missed!

Mailuath tries to hit another piece...she missed that one, too! She's exhausted, time to head home.

Daijarth attacks...with no success.

Atsuth flames...she destroys a clump of thread! was larger than she thought, too! +1

Azimuth breathes in...and burns thread! +1

Shaeth breathes fire...he hits thread! +1

Corenath goes after a piece...he hit a large clump, instead! Critical Hit, +3

Azimuth sears thread...a perfect hit! +1

Kizoukith attempts to flame thread...he did it! +1

Atsuth tries to burn thread...she didn't make it. She goes back to the Weyr.

Corenath tries to burn thread...he got it! +1

Daijarth flames...he's brushed by thread! -1 HP, 14/15 remaining...he missed the thread.

Daijarth turns to another piece...he's struck again! -3 HP, 11/15 remaining...but at least he got the thread this time! +1

Shaeth attempts to burn thread...he turned it to ash! +1

Uisorth goes for a clump...she missed it!

Uisorth tries it again...she still didn't hit it. Oh well, she has to go home now.

Camith goes to take care of the thread...she got it! +1

Kizoukith attacks...successfully! +1

Agath flames thread...he's hurt! -1 HP, 6/10 remaining...the thread dies in between. +1

Azimuth attacks a piece...he destroyed it! +1

M'nar tosses firestone...made it! +1

Kizoukith flames...but gets scored instead! -3 HP, 7/10 remaining...he still burned the thread, at least. +1 He'd done for the day.

Agath goes after a strand of thread...he's hit by it! -3 HP, 3/10 remaining...but at least he burned it! +1

Kikarith breathes fire...she destroys thread! +1...and sears another! +1

Corenath tries to flame...he's struck by thread! He manages to go between before it did any damage, but he didn't destroy any of it.

Daijarth breathes in...but his flame missed the thread!

Rajiyath flames...and hits thread! +1

Shaeth attacks thread...he's scored! -3 HP, 7/10 remaining...he didn't hit anything...

S'lin tries a toss...this time he made it! +1

Umbreth goes for a strand of got away from her.

Kikarith sears thread...but she's scored! -1 HP, 7/8 remaining...the thread is burnt to ash, anyway. +1

Agath breathes fire...he destroys an entire clump! Critical Hit, +3

Rajiyath attacks...but he's hit! -2 HP, 8/10 least he still got the thread! +1

Azimuth flames...another hit! +1 He's done enough for one day, it's time to go home.

Daijarth sears thread...successfully. +1

Camith attacks...she missed the thread.

Kikarith goes for another piece...she got it! +1 She's too tired to continue fighting, though.

Shaeth tries to flame...he did very well! Critical Hit, +3

Corenath attacks a clump...he's brushed by a piece of thread...the wherhide straps protect him from the worst of it until he goes between, where the thread crumbles into dust. +1 He's too tired to do any more fighting, though, and he goes back to his weyr.

Rajiyath goes after a piece...he's struck by thread again! -2 HP, 6/10 remaining...he didn't hit any this time...

Umbreth attacks...she burns thread! +1...and another! +1

Daijarth goes for a clump...he's badly hurt! -5 HP, 6/15 remaining...the thread crackles to dust in between. +1 He decides it's time to go back to the Weyr to tend his wounds.

Rajiyath attacks a clump...he got it! +2

Rajiyath turns to another clump...but he's hit! -3 HP, 3/10 remaining...he didn't manage to burn the thread. He goes back to the Weyr for numbweed.

Agath tries to hit another piece...he's hurt again! -3 HP, 0/10 remaining...He got plenty of thread, Critical Hit, +3 but V'rend and Agath don't return...

Umbreth flies to another piece...she didn't hit it. She goes back to the Weyr.

Camith tries to hit the thread...but she missed it! There's nothing else for her to do.

Shaeth goes to a clump of thread...he gets tangled up! -7 HP, 0/10 remaining...he drags the thread between, +1 but L'vus and Shaeth don't come back out...

Final Results!

Agath: 11 points, DEAD
Uisorth: 2 points, 8/8 HP
Camith: 1 point, 10/10 HP
S'lin: 1 point, 10/10 HP

Corenath: 7 points, 10/10 HP
Shaeth: 6 points, DEAD
Azimuth: 4 points, 10/10 HP
Umbreth: 2 points, 8/8 HP
M'nar: 2 points, 10/10 HP

Daijarth: 5 points, 6/15 HP
Rajiyath: 4 points, 3/10 HP
Kizoukith: 4 points, 7/10 HP
Kikarith: 3 points, 7/8 HP
Mailuath: 1 point, 1/8 HP
Atsuth: 5 points, 8/8 HP
Tags: cycle 10, round, threadfall
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