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Threadfall Round End

The dragons roar as they take to the skies in Wings to fight.

Foenth is the first in the air...a gust of wind blow a clump of thread into him! He escapes between just before it hits him, and he reappears just in time to sear another piece of thread! +1

Aevesith flames turns into ash! +1

Jagodath goes for a strand...she got it! +1

Rudoth attacks thread...he successfully seared it! +1

Seth goes after a clump of thread...he's tangled up! -7 HP, 3/10 remaining...he didn't burn any of it.

Eddyth breathes fire...but didn't hit anything.

Tototh attacks thread...he did it! +1

Kizoukith goes to a clump...he burns it up! +1

Kizoukith turns to another strand...a direct hit! +1

Aila tosses firestone...she didn't make it!

A'laran tries next...he missed as well!

Jagodath flames...but she's hit by thread! -3 HP, 5/8 remaining...she didn't get the thread.

Aevesith burns thread...but he missed.

Foenth flames...with no success.

Eddyth takes care of it...but she's hurt! -2 HP, 6/8 remaining...she drags it into between to freeze to death. +1

Seth goes for a piece...he missed.

Seth tries again...another miss!

Kizoukith flames the thread...he took care of it! +1

Jagodath breathes fire...she's scored! -1 HP, 4/8 thread was burnt. She goes home to tend her wounds.

Rudoth tries to hit thread...but he's hit instead! -2 HP, 8/10 got away from him.

Aevesith attacks...and burns thread! +1

Kizoukith flames...he sears the thread! +1

Araath goes after a clump of thread...he's hit! -1 HP, 9/10 freezes to death in between. +1

Araath reappears to flame again...he burns thread! +1

Jiang tosses him firestone...Khe'l caught it easily! +1

Joseth flames...but missed the thread!

Kizoukith flies after a piece of thread...and he gets scored! -5 HP, 5/10 least he took care of it...+1 He decides to go back to the Weyr.

Tototh tries to hit a clump...he's scored! -2 HP, 8/10 remaining...but he utterly destroyed the thread! Critical Hit, +3

Firath attacks a piece of thread...he's lightly scored! -1 HP, 9/10 remaining...he didn't get any of it...

Eddyth flames it! +1 She's too tired to keep fighting, time to go home.

Seth tries to hit a clump of thread...with no success.

Atsuth attacks a strand of thread...she got it! +1...she whirls around and flames again! +1

Rajiyath flames...and burns thread. +1

Rudoth breathes fire...and hits thread! +1

Aila tosses a sack...but Sopheth gets hit! -7 HP, 3/10 remaining.

Aevesith sears thread...successfully! +1

Kaketh attacks a strand of was successful! +1...she spins to sear another piece! +1

Firath flames thread...he's hit by a clump! -3 HP, 6/10 still got away from him.

Foenth attempts to sear thread...he missed!

Rajiyath sears thread...a direct hit! +1

Atsuth flames...she's brushed by thread! -1 HP, 7/8 HP...the thread turns to dust in between. +1

Joseth tries to hit a clump of thread...and he did it! +2

Joseth turns to another piece...he got that one, too! +1

Seth breathes fire...but didn't hit any thread. Discouraged, he returns to the Weyr to get some numbweed.

Aevesith goes after a clump...but he didn't hit it.

Atsuth tries to hit thread...nailed it! +1...she hit a second piece by accident! +2 Time to go home.

Tototh breathes fire...and burns thread! +1

Araath attacks...he's brushed by thread! -1 HP, 8/10 least he took care of it! +1

Firath goes for a strand of thread...he hit it! +1

A'laran throws firestone...a perfect toss! +1

Rajiyath attacks...he didn't hit anything.

Rudoth flames...but gets scored! -3 HP, 5/10 remaining...but he still managed to burn the thread! +1

Jiang tries to toss a sack...she missed!

Aevesith tries to sear thread...he's hit by a clump! -3 HP, 12/15 got away from him.

Kaketh flames...and sears thread! +1

Joseth attacks...and gets hit! -2 HP, 8/10 remaining...the thread got away.

Rajiyath goes to a clump...and hits it! +1

Foenth breathes fire...he burns up a clump of thread! +1

Rudoth goes after a brushes his wingtip. -1 HP, 4/10 remaining...he didn't hit any of it. He goes back to the Weyr to tend his wounds.

Tototh flames...he didn't burn any thread...

Aevesith attacks thread...unsuccessfully. It's time to go home.

Kaketh tries to sear thread...she did it! +1...and still manages to hit a second clump! +2 She's exhausted, though, and has to go home.

Rajiyath tries to sear thread...but gets scored! -2 HP, 8/10 remaining...the thread goes unburnt, and he goes back for numbweed.

Joseth flames thread...and hits a large clump! +2 He goes back to the Weyr.

Kikarith breathes in...and sears thread! +1

Firath tries to flame...he's nearly hit, but he manages to stay unharmed even as he drags the thread into between! +1

Araath goes to a piece of thread...and burns it up! +1

Kikarith flames...successfully! +1

Kikarith turns to another piece...but she gets hit! -3 HP, 5/8 got away unburnt. She goes home to tend her wound.

Foenth attacks a large clump of thread...he's nearly hit! He manages to get away unscathed, but he didn't sear any thread, either...he decides it's time to head back to the Weyr.

Tototh tries to burn a strand of thread...he succeeded! +1 There's nothing left for him to do, however, and he returns to the Weyr.

Araath tries to hit a clump...he got it! +1 He returns home for a bit of rest and numbweed.

Firath burns thread...he turns it into ash! +1 That's enough for one day.

Final Results!

Foenth: 1 point, 10/10 HP
Firath: 3 point, 6/10 HP
Araath: 5 points, 8/10 HP
Eddyth: 2 points, 6/8 HP
Jiang: 1 point, 10/10 HP

Kaketh: 6 points, 8/8 HP
Tototh: 6 points, 8/10 HP
Rudoth: 3 points, 4/10 HP
Joseth: 5 points, 8/10 HP
Aila: 0 points, 3/10 HP
A'laran: 1 point, 10/10 HP

Aevesith: 3 points, 12/15 HP
Seth: 0 points, 3/10 HP

Kikarith: 2 points, 5/8 HP
Atsuth: 6 points, 7/8 HP
Jagodath: 1 point, 4/8 HP
Kizoukith: 5 points, 5/10 HP
Rajiyath: 3 points, 8/10 HP
Tags: cycle 10, round, threadfall
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