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Weekly Poll--#8

Well, things have been rather slow lately, and I've been told one of the biggest problems is that it's become difficult to keep up with all the threadfighting rounds and what not, and trying to tell what's open or closed. I am planning to think up more questions for the quiz so it won't be the same thing week after week, though I'll probably be asking for help once I get around to that. XD Other than that, however, I don't think there's much I can do with the current format to make things easier for everyone (myself included). So the question is, do you think it would be easier to keep track of things if Whiterock was set up on a forum instead of Livejournal? 
(Last Poll's results, by the way, are including blacks and whites. I have different roll modifiers for them once it finally gets to the point of sport dragons showing up.)

Poll #1428082 Weekly Poll #8

Should Whiterock Weyr move to a forum?

No, keep it where it is.
Yes, a forum would be easier to work with.
I have another suggestion!
I don't care.

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