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Hatching Round 16--CLOSED

Camith & Savanth's Clutch 16

A blue hatchling appears, crawling from his shell, and looks very scared of the candidates. Nevertheless, he finds Ceren in the crowd and Impresses!

The next egg hatches into a passionate green dragon, who rushes straight to Krissa!

This blue dragon looks thoughtfully at Velain as Impression is made!

A rebellious green hatches, tossing her head from side to side as she looks for her rider. She stops when she comes to Kianal, and croons as she is Impressed!

The next dragon is another green. She twitches her wings restlessly as she inspects the candidates, until finally, she decides on Wren!

One of the eggs breaks apart, and a brown dragon climbs out fo it and stalks aggressively towards the candidates. He doesn't really do anything, however, except head straight for Lavorif!

Another brown hatches, tossing his head back defiantly, and glares at the candidates. Kolan steps forward hesitantly, and after a silent moment, he Impresses the brown!

And right away, a bronze hatches! He looks rebellious and doesn't want to approach the candidates at all, but once he does, he stops in front of (unsurprisingly) Orthirion!

A weird green dragon wanders around the sands, until Apolly tires of waiting and draws her attention so she can Impress!

The next dragon to hatch is another green, who stubbornly refuses to approach the candidates, and instead waits for Ayaki to come to her!

The last dragon breaks out of his shell impatiently, only to find that his siblings have all Impressed already. This blue dragon doesn't seem particularly bothered by this, however, as he Impresses Yeta!

The dragons come with a one-word personality trait, but their names are up to you. If you'd like to host your dragonriders on your own site, I have a larger, transparent version of these images you can use, but these will be kept on a special post in the community. Enjoy!




Dracleia's Krissa and Green, Passionate
Kitsuneko's Kianal and Green, Rebellious
Ek's Wren and Green, Restless
NPC Apolly and Green, Weird
Wolfram's Ayaki and Green, Stubborn

Kitsuneko's C'ren and Blue, Scared
Kate's V'lain and Blue, Thoughtful
NPC Yeta and Blue, Impatient

Dracleia's L'arif and Brown, Aggressive
Wolfram's K'lan and Brown, Defiant

EK's O'thir and Bronze, Rebellious

Gold Flight

Your Name:
Rider's Name:
Dragon's Name:
Your e-mail address or other means of privately contacting you:
Allow browns to chase?:
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