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Hatching Round 17--OPEN

Any of the NPCs are up for grabs, one per person, unless there's still some left after a day or two.

Tiemath and Rajiyath's Clutch 17

A brown is the first to hatch! He looks over all the candidates hopefully, before settling on Airen!

This green dragon looks very depressed, but she cheers up once she meets Aseleu!

A trusting blue finds his way to Alekin!

The next egg to hatch reveals a green dragonet, who curls her tail around Oinea protectively!

This green is a little strange as she doesn't seem to want to move at first, but finally, Kany draws her attention and Impresses!

Next is a very clever green dragon who manages to Impress Wahira!

A protective green chooses Ceraleu as her rider!

The next egg to hatch reveals a dependable blue dragon who climbs to his feet and, after a moment of hesitation, chooses Dankel for his rider!

This blue is very trusting as he rushes to Liam as if afraid he'll go away!

The last egg cracks to reveal a mysterious brown dragon, who wanders over to Krean, who Impresses!

The dragons come with a one-word personality trait, but their names are up to you. If you'd like to host your dragonriders on your own site, I have a larger, transparent version of these images you can use, but these will be kept on a special post in the community. Enjoy!




NPC Aseleu and Green, Depressed
NPC Oinea and Green, Protective
Kitsuneko's Kany and Green, Strange
Dracleia's Wahira and Green, Clever
Dracleia's C'leu and Green, Protective

NPC A'kin and Blue, Trusting
Kitsuneko's D'kel and Blue, Dependable
EK's L'im and Blue, Trusting

Wolfram's A'ren and Brown, Hopeful
Wolfram's K'ran and Brown, Mysterious

Gold Flight

Your Name:
Rider's Name:
Dragon's Name:
Your e-mail address or other means of privately contacting you:
Allow browns to chase?:
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