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whiterock_weyr's Journal

Whiterock Weyr
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An online turn-based dragon adoption game based on the world of Pern.
Whiterock Weyr is probably best described as a turn-based (or PBBG) dragon adoption game with elements of Roleplaying, based on the world of Pern, by Anne McCaffrey. Make characters to Impress dragons, breed clutches, and fight the ominous Thread in the skies. Earn points to buy bonuses in battle, alter and personalize your dragons, and other goodies. The sky's the limit! But be warned; the world of Pern is a dangerous place, and not everyone who goes to fight Thread makes it back...
Each time your characters Impress a dragon or adopt a pet, you'll get an image of your new companion which can be altered to your specifications with the points they'll earn. In keeping with the dangerous nature of dragonriding, the dragons DO have a small but very real chance of dying. But danger is the spice of life, don't you think? (But don't worry, you're not REQUIRED to fight Thread; you just won't be able to get points.)

The basic rules are these:
1. Play nice, basically. Keep the cursing to a minimum and take any grudges with other members to e-mail or private messages.
2. DO NOT steal my images, alter them, pass them out to other places, or claim them as your own. This will likely result in getting you banned, and the appropriate authorities notified wherever you put them.
3. Probabilities in Threadfall and other areas may be wonky as I start out until I can finetune them to the right balance, so bear with me. They may also change over time as the populations increase or decrease. Comments and suggestions are quite welcome. :)
4. Feel free to ask questions, too! You can either post them here or e-mail me at silver_storyteller@yahoo.com with 'Whiterock Weyr' in the subject.

Events occur in week-long 'rounds', first a Clutching round where the queen lays a clutch, usually around 10-20 eggs, and candidates are accepted to stand on the Hatching Grounds. Next is the Hatching round, when the eggs actually hatch and Impress. But this is also the time when the next queen starts getting proddy--this is the time to send your queens to attempt to mate. After that is the Mating round, when the chasers are submitted to chase the rising gold. At the end of this round, the mating flight itself takes place, and goes immediately to the Clutching round. Threadfall rounds occur irregularly within this Cycle, and may start and end at different times as the other rounds.

The World of Pern, based on the 'Dragonriders of Pern' books, belongs to Anne McCaffery, I make no claim to own it. This is a dragon adoption game which I intend to make absolutely no money from. Though the world is borrowed, the images are mine, and the characters are the products of their creator's imagination.

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